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Platform Partners at your service

The platform offers you entry points across Europe. From Germany through Spain and France to the UK, we have a partner at hand that speaks your language. Each of them has a proven track record in laser-based manufacturing equipment which ranges from scientific research to practical technology transfer to industry. This finally supports you in getting your application right.

Partners at a glance

Fraunhofer ILT

Aachen, Germany

Fraunhofer ILT is one of the leading institutes in laser-based technology. It has a floorspace of more than 10.000 m² with state of the art manufacturing equipment. More than 400 employees cover most topics in laser-based manufacturing, from process development to machine building.


Hannover, Germany

The Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH) provides a unique set of applications in laser-technologies from optical design to manufacturing equipment.


Porrino, Spain

AIMEN is a laser center in Galicia that provides support for robot based materials processing such as welding and cladding. It offers support through test beds and training for SMEs and industry.


Bordeaux, France

ALPHANOV is a photonics center in the heart of France with laboratories and test benches on ultra-short laser proceses and equipment. Their team supports industry in the development of production equipment with high performance at micro scale.


Boecillo, Spain

CARTIF is a technology center that covers laser-based manufacturing topics from cutting through welding to the application of robotics. Its collaboration with scientific institutions enables support from the first ideas to first prototypical applications.


Cambridge, UK

TWI is an organisation based in the UK that supports a wide range of industrial players in manufacturing. Their resources enable the development of full scale experiments and the deployment of industrial applications in laser-based manufacturing.