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PARROT - Parallel multi-beam ablation of rotationally symmetric work pieces


Industrially robust diffractive optical elements and relay optics are developed to precisely split the laser beam into multiple spots. For constant properties of the processing result, a correct positioning and intensity of each of the spots is vital. With respect to a future product, the solution must allow the supplier to integrate all components into a single mechanical package for a simple transfer to different applications.


Parallel processing increases the complexity of a production environment but potentially allows a significant cost reduction of the laser-based manufacturing process. A rise of the TRL of equipment for parallel processing will act as an “enabler” for new products which are currently not feasible for reasons of production cost and time. In general, multi-spot laser processing can significantly enhance the productivity and competitiveness of European industry.

This new technology improves the economic feasibility of ultra-short pulsed (USP) laser machining and helps European products to remain or become even more competitive. Applications of USP laser-based single beam processing in mass production are the trimming of sensor elements, the structuring of a drainage groove in diesel injectors and applications in the field of gasoline injection. The multi-beam technology of PARROT will potentially enable a multitude of next generation products at decreased cost.

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