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MOBILLAS - Mobile laser system for on site material processing


Providing a fully integrated and portable laser system for on-site cutting and welding is one of the essential goals. MOBILLAS intends to enable mobile and safe high-power laser processing in the field, for example in ship yards. Thus, it can be applied to large structure manufacturing with thicker materials. Mobile operation of laser equipment however challenges the requirement for absolute laser safety, especially if training efforts have to be kept at a minimum.


The new mobile laser technology transfers semiā€automated and automated processing to mobile applications, offering alternatives to the dominant use of high heat input welding, like gas metal arc welding, and to fully manual joining procedures like screwing. It helps to improve quality by using self-guiding systems and decouples personal skills of even well-trained personnel through a sensor equipped and controlled machine with external and internal detectors oriented towards the given part geometry. This saves time and money in repair and production, thus increases efficiency. Modular design of large scale tooling and construction is unthinkable without this kind of technology.

The concept is independent from the respective laser process. Different potential markets have been identified:

  • Large scale aerospace tooling
  • Heavy industries, chemical and pharmaceutical equipment
  • Power plants
  • Trains and coaches
  • Shipbuilding
  • Mechanical engineering like cranes and construction machines

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