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What is LAP3D about?

 LAP3D develops laser-based equipment to structure large surfaces with a three-dimensional shape.

LAP3D - Laser processing system for stitching structured patterns on large 3D parts


The assessment will implement a mechano-optical solution to process curved surfaces with an acceptance angle of up to 270ยบ. The challenge is to control the combined motion of the beam delivery system with respect to distortion of the motifs and positioning tolerances. Herein, the required precision is defined by the visually perceived quality expectation of the customer. The target structuring rate of 400mm/s marks the economic performance requirement for such a 3D system which requires fast and precise control software.


LAP3D will enable manufacturers to offer individualised marking for large products, even in mass markets. The application to plastic parts in the automotive industry opens a full set of truly innovative aesthetic options which efficiently serve customer demands within an economic budget.

The Maier Group as the user in LAP3D aims at extending current limits in laser-based decoration of large 3d parts. The technology will enable the provision of the same decorative marking on virtually all parts of the car interior and exterior. In recent times, the decision impact of car aesthetics overrules technical performance and reliability in many cases. A successful implementation of the new technology will provide a significant competitive advantage for the automotive suppliers. Other markets such as furniture and architecture are already prepared to take up similar applications.

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