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Find Solutions

With a rich set of success stories, you can experience how easy it is to find new solutions.

See Examples

Discover the large selection of examples where equipment went from the lab table to industry.

Use Test Beds

Build the laser-based application you imagine and explore the result in a production like environment.

Deliver business value

Start small and scale as you grow with LASHARE. Your starting point will bring you to new levels of performance that enable new business. The network offers you multilingual support and multisite demonstration possibilities to reach a global audience and create new laser-based equipment with ease. LASHARE provides proven return on invest with stable long-term benefits from the assessment methodology, while remaining flexible enough to support fast track innovation.


This portal is part of the exploitation of the LASHARE project that has received funding from the European Commissions seventh Framework programme under grant agreement #609046. For in depth information about the project and its results follow this link